Industrial Chemistry is the index of industrial development everywhere in the world. The frontiers of chemistry are very large, ranging from one extreme of natural products to those synthesized by man. The enormous strides made by man in understanding, exploitation of nature and synthesis of new products all have their roots in chemistry and chemical technology. For economic sustenance and technological breakthrough, this course is designed to introduce the basic concept of organic chemistry and its enormous benefits to mankind. 


At the end of this course, the Students should be able to:

1. state the importance and development of organic chemistry;

2. define fullerenes and their applications;

3. discuss electronic theory;

4. determine the qualitative and quantitative of structures in organic chemistry;

5. describe rules guiding nomenclature and functional group classes of organic chemistry;

6. determine rate of reaction to predict mechanisms of reactions;

7. identify classes of organic functional group with brief description of their chemistry;

8. discuss comparative chemistry of group 1A, IIA and IVA elements

9. describe basic properties of Transition metals.